A Sad Weekend: Paul Newman 1925-2008

It goes without saying that we've lost a legend, a wildly dignified, generous, talented, handsome man.  When I was a kid, he and Joanne filmed Merchant-Ivory's Mr. and Mrs. Bridge in Kansas City and, woah, did it cause a stir.  A lot of the scenes were shot in my schoolmates' houses and even years later, my co-workers at Brooks Brothers extolled the time he came in to buy shirts.  It wasn't often that Hollywood came to K.C. but were we lucky when it did.  Check out Vanity Fair's lovely tribute from September. How sad.


  1. this was sad news. he was so much more than a great actor, he was a great man...and he had style. i could watch cool hand luke twenty more times. he was so brilliant in hud. and he was painfully handsome with excellent taste in women (joanne woodward).

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    oy vey