Prada SS09 | Amazing Ankle Anihilation

The Italians (and Italians designing French brands, ahem, Stefano Pilati) could certainly give the Chinese a run for their money in the female foot torture department. Lucky for me, the Prada 41 runs wildly tiny (as does the Manolo, the Gucci, the YSL, the Louboutin...hum), so I may feel like Cinderella's step sister trying them on, but would never even be able to consider putting myself through the agony of a stroll in a pair like this (which of course, I would give anything in the world to be able to put myself through). Yes, life is much better spent in sensible, suede J.Crew flats (in an unfortunate size 12). Major sad face.


  1. HOBAC says:

    Not at all in the same league, but has some fab styles. I spent at least an hour perusing. Only drawbacks, made in China and man made soles, but hey are so inexpensive.

  2. these shoes are GORGEOUS. i wear a size 10. my sis wears an 11. let's here it for giant feet!

  3. Beautiful, but I would not stand a chance. I don't do anything beyond 3.5".