A Permanent State of Day Trippin'?

After all the mental health goodness that came from our long weekend on the open road two weeks ago, Port and I started mulling a fabulous concept: don't rent a nondescript car once a year for $350 plus gas...buy a vintage European sports car for a few grand plus gas plus exorbitant vintage European parts fees plus insurance plus an ongoing struggle with alternate side parking. While all the checks seem to be falling in the wrong column, my desire for a little 4-cylinder eject button festers and grows day by day. While it's very hard to put a price on freedom and emotional well being, the Mini has proved a bit rich (falling into the category of "country house"). So, we may go Fiat. Or if sanity returns, we'll choose that nondescript rental 12 months from now. Hum.

Speaking of cars and trips, my grandmother's second husband's nephews (my father's half-sister's cousins) financed, lawyered and housed Timothy Leary during the height of the LSD years. After a small tiff with husband #2, grandma grabbed my aunt, jumped in the car and headed to Millbrook for a bit of an escape. Just outside the property, her tire went flat. She went inside, desperate for help, but help would not come. "They were all on trips!," grandma explained, still a bit exasperated, at family dinner about a year ago. One example of a day trip unconducive (or, um, the most conducive) to emotional health. Turn on, tune in, drop on by...


  1. I guess that what happens with LSD -- can't change a tire if your life depended on it! Too funny.

  2. I am forced to read this post over and over until it is burned into my brain. Lunacy! I love it.

  3. Lark says:


    I have a strong love of MGB's, but I wouldn't turn my nose at a Fiat or Alfa Romeo. Do it!

  4. Toad says:

    Skip the Fiat, it will break your heart. You would look devine in an Alfa Romeo though

  5. Anonymous says:

    You need to write a family history (or maybe a novel loosely based upon your family history). I would certainly buy it.


  6. Bradford says:

    Nondescript rental? BOOO!!! Fiat? YAY!!!!

    Where would I sit?

  7. Hear very good things (even in the vintage car press) about MGB's. But it's the MGA or a little ol' Spitfire or... well you get the idea.. that I can't get out of my mind.

  8. Alfa Romeo! Yes, please, too! Porter drove a little 1983 gold 350SL in high school. God, that was fun. A random gal pulled her aside to gossip one day and said, "Porter, can you believe that little bitch who drives the gold Mercedes and gets here an hour early to park it?" "No! How terrible. What's the world coming to!?" Bring back those good ole days of envy and hate from all sides, I say. Haha!

  9. Anonymous says:

    A woman after my own heart. But, instead of the Fiat try an MG or a Triumph. You'll pay roughly the same price. Leave the car for the weekends and save a buck or two on gas. Excellent idea. Your tastes are infectious.

    Charles Bixx

  10. Anonymous says:

    digging your posts, the badmiton, this car, and the KC bit. nice work, like your POV