Musings on Autumn...

Every time I walk through Central Park I'm stricken with major JFK, Jr. fantasies. All those casual strolls...rolls on Olmstead's finely planned lawns with a (grrrrr) blonde...some nice displays of casual athleticism while wearing a perfectly placed stocking cap. It's all something I wouldn't mind recreating with a similar specimen. In my earlier 20s, I tried to recreate the "casual athleticism" component by myself -- armed with a ball and lacrosse stick. Figured I'd get in some practice with that cradling technique, look fabulous doing it and find someone to help round out the rest of the JFK, Jr. experience. After 10 minutes, I lost control of the ball, hit a man in the head and went home in shame. Ever since, I've limited myself to the strolling bits. If you don't have access to C-Park to induce similar madness, this Central Park bridge photo by Bradford Robotham photo may do the trick. Thank god for fall.


  1. k says:

    fall is the best one, i think