Hunting Hermès

The greatest way to show off an Hermès scarf: put it on the wall.  Port and I have all of our mom's old ones in their glorious orange boxes, but fear tying them in any way that might make us look younger than 93. Head wrap -- terrifying for potential sweaty reasons, not to mention the required sturdy knot. Belt -- terrifying sturdy knot. Bandit style -- almost ok, but a loose knot slips and I, you guessed it, fear a tight little knot at the corners.  So, beauties like this (and the entire Henri de Linares Hunt series from the '50s and '60s) surely belong in a frame, in a country house (or a Brooklyn apartment).
Our mom framed her favorite -- a '70s bouquet of peachy flowers.  It now hangs over Porter's bed.  Be careful to choose a framer who's used to working in silks. One improper pin placement can cause snags.

Bids for this 1950s version sit at $99, but, if impatient, you can buy it now for $399.99. 


  1. Reggie says:

    Now's the time to break from the pack and proudly don an Hermes scarf with a devil may care attitude. So what if they were popular with Mummy's crowd in years gone by? Take back what's rightfully yours and become a beacon of coolness as a "first adopter." I mean, it worked for Hush Puppies last decade, why not Hermes scarves today?

  2. Caitlin says:

    Hovey Girls!

    Sample Sale tomorrow!!!


  3. This is a good one - wonder if Mr. B would want it for the duck club?

  4. k says:

    god that is a horrific looking scarf
    hanging dead chickens? really?

  5. re: caitlin @ 11:22 AM

    an hermès sample sale?! love it!