Feelin' Fratty?

Thank goodness for ebay.  You get the loot without the ideologies, inner thigh brands and hazing (or the membership fees or the ability to pitch a tent).  A Bushy fire sale before the big exit? Well, probably not -- too much of a hassle to deal with the Internets. But, bids sit at $2,995 for this 18K gold Tiffany Skull & Bones pin.
1959 Yale yearbook. Buy it now for $65.

(I swear I'm not really that obsessed with Yale, but...) 1900s New Haven Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks pin; bids sit at $7.99.

A non-working 1907 Elks dollar watch could be yours for about 10 bucks.

1949 Boy Scout wall hanging (Region 4 = Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia).  Bids hover at $42.


  1. Oh yes! I love all those old Masonic relics. Funny, thing about the establisment...burning witches and all. When after all, the Free Masons are Sorcerers!

    And have you seen the old Elk Tooth watch fobs given to Lodge members. Those are fab! Check ebay...they usually sell for $50-$150