Ebay Shopping: Lou Vuitton

When my mom first moved to New York in the early '70s to work at Mademoiselle, she couldn't get over how everyone at Condé carried these brown plasticky canvas bags -- and fawned over them like they were, oh, alligator. In the following weeks, she brought herself up to speed...and later invested in a quite large one so she could carry my diapers in style. No matter how much of that monogrammed plastic canvas I've grown up with (literally, from the beginning) and love, I'll never think it looks right on a man in any form larger than a wallet. That's where pieces like this 1920s suitcase come into play. It's full on Vuitton, but instead of LV, it's got MAN written all over it. The live auction starts Wednesday with a minimum bid of GBP200 (no Paypal accepted, though).


  1. Dennise says:

    Wow, that is remarkable! I love that your mom "carried your diapers in style"! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, that case is to die for. I love it!

  3. Too bad that diaper bag has seen better days!

  4. Anonymous says:

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