A Colorful History

For a gal who has trouble keeping iPhoto organized, a project entitled "Archive of the Planet" induces a shiver. A project entitled "Archive of the Planet" undertaken at the turn of the last century as the planet launched itself into a couple world wars induces a bleeding ulcer. Thank goodness for the visual urges of French banking and philanthropizing millionaire Albert Kahn. Last fall, BBC4 for paid homage to Kahn's incredible collection of early color photos, captured from 1908 to 1930, in the documentary series, Edwardians in Color. Take a peek. Amazing. (above: A Mongolian noblewoman, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, July 1913)

Guests on the lawn at Kahn's cliff-top house in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, England, August 1913

A lemonade vendor, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1st May 1913

Eros, Piccadilly Circus, London, June 1924

King Toli - surrounded by his wives. Porto Novo, Dahomey (now Benin), 7th Feb 1930
Images courtesy of BBC © Musée Albert Kahn


  1. jezebel says:

    amazing! i can't wait to watch...

  2. thank you for heads up! incredible. i'll be watching.

  3. Amazing photographs. I actually find the one of Piccadilly Circus to look the most distant from the modern world -- I think it's the horse and cart in the picture.