Beta (Male) Testing

Over dinner with a few males the other night, we discussed scent -- and how important references can be. "They should make something that smells like whiskey and cigarettes," I chimed in. "Yes, and it would be called 'Regret,'" pointed out one of the astute gents. Good call.

Then I spent the rest of the weekend - without any regrets at all - watching my favorite whiskey and cigarette-scented character, Jimmy McNulty, run around Baldimore catching bad guys. You'd never want to see Jimmy's duds anywhere near a runway, but his slicker counterpart on that little show about 1960s advertising agencies surely would've inspired some alpha male appreciation from the fashion industry -- you'd think. No dice so far, though. Really barely anything from the men's collections is passing the I-wouldn't-hide-if-my-boyfriend-wore-this litmus test. Regrettably, I smell a vodka cranberry.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You know how I feel about all of this, there isn’t a man out there under 40 that knows the importance of a good watch or a masculine tumbler.
    Things over here in the U.K. are a little better, the real men don’t wear pumps attitude is prevalent but it’s still more Jimmy Nail (see Auf Weidersen pet) than Jimmy Mc Nulty.
    The only yanks who have a bit of masculinity about em is Orthodox and Bureau, but as their websites are both down can only assume that the rest of your country doesn’t think so. If you want me I’ll be at The Savoy, sniffing around for above scent, holding out for a hero and ending up with the bar back.

  2. Dear Lora Kee,
    Do get in touch next time you're in New York.
    Yours sincerely,
    The Sincerelies.

  3. Enzo AGC says:

    Two words: Michael Bastian

  4. Anonymous says:

    i've often wondered what females think of their counterparts scent, so i started asking and a lot of the time a good faint cologne with a hint of cigarette/cigar with whiskey was a few of the answers. thank god!