Behind the Times: Some Other Amazing Discoveries

The "newness" required in my Times assignment eliminated a lot of incredible options, such as my newest favorite side table of all time, Arrow + Sash (above), from Excalibur Foundry, this wonderful metal shop in Brooklyn (that made the mirror). The mold for this has been around for 10 years, but only a few have been cast. You can custom order them for about $5,000 a pop. A selection of my other loves follows:

Diego Desk, Excalibur Foundry

Elephant Candle Holders, Coleen & Company, $475

Italian Leather Decanters, Coleen & Company, Sold (grrr)

Painted Italian Drum/Side Table, Coleen & Company, $750 (a very tasteful friend bought a British version on Ebay, got a piece of glass cut for the top...and it's perfection).

Another Industrial Lamp, Darr

Horn #2, ABS Workshop, Discontinued (grrr) (Artist Agelio Batle, who did the marble soda cans, makes hundreds of incredible little graphite which you can stare and with which you can draw!)

Mexican Unicorn Sculptures, Golden Calf


  1. I almost bought those leather decanters a while back. They are insane. Why didn't I???

  2. i LOVE the diego desk and the mexican unicorn sculptures.

    the painted italian drum / side table is great-looking.

  3. i just read your comment about your dad. My dad responds, verbatim. he's so impressed that i remember to send them to him everyday. the other day he asked how my 'block station' was coming along. my dear old dad.

    great blog. probably the only one that works (and works exceedingly well) with a black background. i'm adding you to my list o' blogs.