Turban Renewal

You'd imagine that long flowing locks would make anyone more beautiful, but all these swimmers seem to look fantastic in their caps...and I've always had an odd appreciation of myself in the mirror, all toweled up post shower.  Take off the towel (or swim cap) and it only opens up the possibilities for sloppy imperfection.  Keeping this in mind, Catherine Deneuve fabulously caps off her 1,234 perfect costumes in Indochine with a black turban, tortoiseshell glasses and Chinese top.  Porter and I re-create the look with our new turban from the century-old Austrian milliner, Muehlbauer.  The glasses are the $10 puppies from the street in SoHo and the jacket is Shanghai-Tang.  


  1. Your model is just too fab! Just have no idea where you found her :)

  2. theue says:

    YAY for the turban...

    your model wears it well.