The Morgan Library Pachyderms It In

My mom, in an effort to one up all the neighborhood mothers, always bragged that I could fully read by age four. Her proof: me tackling Babar's Mystery. It wasn't so much me knowing the words, as far as I remember, but me knowing that story, backwards and forwards, after begging my dad to read it to me about 1,345 times. This early brilliance all came back to haunt me towards the end of college when I called my mom to report that my broadcast journalism major may have been a mistake due to my complete inability to read aloud (I truly am terrible -- speaking I'm fine, but reading, a stuttering, flubbering disaster, accompanied with bug eyes). "THIS FAMILY HAS SPENT $200,000 TO SEND YOU TO COLLEGE AND NOW YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU CAN'T READ!?!?!?!" Yes, I sort of was. So, it will have to be quite a confidence booster to head to the Morgan Library next month to relive that long lost time when I was seen as a brilliant reader. Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff's earliest Babars will be on display Sept. 19-Jan. 4.


  1. Growing up were our gray cats named Pom and Flora after Babar's children? Yes they were.

  2. Is the Coggins family fabulous? Yes it is.

  3. Thanks for sharing the exhibition news with us. Oh how I wish I could see it in person. My favorite books as a child.