Men's Vogue Installment No. 4: Ice, Ice Baby

For my fourth and final installment, I talk ice with Little Branch's Joseph Schwartz, who let me in on some fine news. His Little Branch partner, Sasha Petraske (Milk & Honey, East Side Company Bar, Mercury Dime), plans to open a sipping spirits joint on Essex Street, tentatively named "White Star" and Petraske and Little Branch bartender Richie Boccato are bringing the upscale cocktail scene to Long Island City with "Dutch Kills." NY Mag reported the later, but I hadn't seen a name attached to the Essex project. Can't wait!


  1. On the topic of ice: A few bartenders at prominent downtown watering holes recently confided that the first way they judge any bar they enter is the quality of the ice. Remembering, however, that Scotch is only served neat or with a small amount of cool water.