Men's Vogue Installment No. 3: F.S.C. Barber

For my third installment, F.S.C. Barber's Shorty Maniace talks shaving technique and gives all you boys an excuse to shell out some clams for about 2,456 well-designed bottles of product.
Many thanks to Eric Thome for going under the blade in the name of fashion/lifestyle journalism. It's also quite nice having
such a talented photographer with blood relative obligations at your mercy for photo illustration needs. These are so great. The one right below reminds me of this.

(All photos by Porter Hovey)


  1. awesome. my brother got a shave one time and said all he could think about was, "If a car honks outside, will the barber jump?"

  2. I'm just so glad we don't have to bother!

  3. Jeannie says:

    my boyfriend just came home today from here ! very clean shaved :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm not a tattoo man, but I love the fact that this tattooed man is practicing his trade, not in an upscale hipster modernist "grooming salon" but in an old school/classic (way it should be)barber shop. Great photos.

    Charles Bixx