Day Trippin' Loot

A true measure of a successful vacation: quality loot. Before heading up to New Haven, we stopped in Greenwich, hoping for some wildly chic, albeit overpriced shops (akin to the ones in Sag Harbor) and a couple Bloody Marys. We got a long strip mall with overzealous pith helmet-wearing traffic cops who were both snippy and confusing (hands flailed wildly in all directions, the mouths shouted furiously if one disobeyed the "signals"). All that and not a decent brunch joint for miles. So, we drove around looking at all the old mansions with new 10,000 square foot additions (or their stone fences) and came across a great estate sale. The woman who owned the house obviously liked to return home from her trips laden with loot as well. There, we picked up a few (likely stolen) ashtrays from Europe's grand hotels, a set of mint julep cups, great rubber boots, a set of crystal cocktail glasses and a dress that would look perfect on Carol Channing -- all for $50. Greenwich's honor, restored! The chart above (which took loads of effort to create!) outlines some other great finds from our other destinations.


  1. jezebel says:

    You two are too wonderful- rakes and raconteurs let loose on the Eastern Seaboard, like the children of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler let loose at the Met.

  2. Hahahah! That was my favorite book in the 4th grade -- I still think how cool would it be locked inside the Met for a long weekend and steel the pennies from the fountain.

  3. Score on the mint julep cups!

  4. Well done! The julep cups and the bear's head are wonderful.

  5. Hollister - there's a thrift-shop-like spot in Sag, right around the corner from somewhere I can't remember. All the same stuff, the big bottles, crab dishes, etc. Cheap. I suspect all the biggies are buying their stuff there and "flipping it." I'll figure out where and let you know.

  6. K says:

    I love how you showcased your findings! What fun adventures you go on! Can't wait to hear of more!

  7. these scores are amazing. i love your fabulousness!