ÜberPreppy.com: Rugby Starts Sellin' Stuff Online

So, to add to this perfect storm of preppy-ish blogging activity, I'm contributing to Rugby's new blog as well. But the bigger news is that the site is finally selling stuff to the masses. Now kids in Benedict, Cheyenne and Council Bluffs can deck themselves in shawl collared sweaters and bowties just like the New York, Greenwich, D.C., San Francisco, etc., prep school set. Click on the opening page to see the most intimidating pack of teenagers ever grouped on screen. Chuck Bass should be shaking in his weejuns. (Above: Vintage Varsity Pullover, $149.50)

Baldwin Piped Tweed Jacket, $475.00


  1. trip says:

    Congrats on the blogging gig. Although Rugby sort of reminds me of an Abercrombieized version of Polo sometimes, I don't think anyone could complain about their lack of great looks and individual pieces.

  2. You inspired me -i went to Rugby yesterday on my lunch break and bought that green cardigan with shawl collar. I can't wait till it gets cooler outside and I can wear it!