Texas (then Frisco) Bound

2001-2003 were my cowboy years. I say cowboy because the look - given my hatred of all things frilly - was far more Ralph Lauren/Levi's/t-shirt than Annie Oakley. I obsessed over cowboy hipsters, cowboy tunes and cowboy boots. At one point, I got up to about 14 pairs of the latter. Last year, I gave many away to Ferd IV, fiddler in the wonderful Hackensaw Boys, so I may need to restock. This pair of Tony Lamas are goin' for 10 bucks. Perhaps I'll start there. (Editorial Note: Off Dallas for the day job tomorrow and Wednesday, then on to San Francisco...hopefully with time to post along the way!)


  1. Email me if you have time for a cuppa coffee in SF...

    royalquietdeluxe at gmail.com

    Cheers, Erica

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is very RRL collection! What a wonderful pair of shoes. May I also recommend archibalddashing.blogspot.com - they seem right up your alley.