Midwestern Sophistication: Studio 201, Minneapolis

I've had many an argument with upper midwesterners about my own claims to the title "midwestern." They insist I (a Nebraska-born, Kansas-raised gal) am from the Plains and that our two regions should never be intermingled. Whatever we call ourselves, we both fall into that category of the misunderstood, those who both coasts assume to be bumpkins. My college friends from the woods of Connecticut and small towns through the South never could understand how "growing up in Kansas" meant anything other than growing up on a farm decked out like Laura Ingalls Wilder. I tried to bust up the stereotypes, but I think this does an even better job. It's the Minneapolis studio of David Coggins, Sr., father to blogger/writer DC, Jr....and IT. IS. FABULOUS. Score one for the Middle Bits.


  1. I might like "middle bits" best. I, too, have been corrected about my midwesterness. But, I've also talked to folks from Ohio who claim to be easterners. Hmmm....