Me, Expressing Travel Woes in the Sunday Times

Due to the economic anxieties associated with flying around and/or renting a car and driving a couple hours, Porter and I have not visited Babingon House or the Hotel Nimb in person, deciding instead to stay firmly in place, acting like tourists in our own town (the Bronx! Woo!). Click here to read Alex Williams' wonderful New York Times piece on many people's recent travel woes, including a few complaints from me. Quite a nice outlet for complaining, I must say!


  1. I saw your name in the Times this morning. Sorry about your cancelled trip to Scandinavia.
    : (

  2. Awww! Just one step closer to true fame . . . !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! I hope i got my green card soon.

    Laby[zoot suit]