Matthew Goode Lounges Around the Manor In Pricey Tweeds For Zoe Cassavetes and the New York Times Magazine (and Some Very Good News for The Burg)

Matthew Goode takes a break from mooning over those fancy Flytes in The New York Times Magazine this weekend. I, apparently the world's worst business traveler, remained in recovery mode all weekend (re-watching season 1 of Mad Men) and couldn't muster the energy to dispatch myself to BAM to see the actual film, but I hear from a couple movie buffs that it was quite fun (The Times' A.O. Scott found it more "tedious, confused and banal"). These movie buffs also shared some extremely welcoming, over-due news: they plan to open an art house movie theatre right around the corner from me in Williamsburg! Note to all non-New Yorkers, Brooklyn is the city in which movie theaters went to die. There are roughly one million residents per screen these days...and that may be an understatement. Hipsters rejoice!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Matthew Goode was absolutely genius as Lawrence Durrell in My Family and Other Animals - he was smart and wittily funny.

    -Fitzroy Wescott

  2. jezebel says:

    Movies in Wburg? Indoors- not on a roof or in a park?! HH- this is too exciting.

  3. i'm with anonymous re: matthew goode in my family and other animals. he was incredible.

    loved the zoe cassavetes images.

    charles ryder will always be jeremy irons to me, but goode is very, very good ; )

  4. Matthew Goode is always good...and not a bad looking man, either. And yes! This theater with an actual roof will be on Metropolitan between Berry and Wythe, my sources say! One big screen for first runs and a couple smaller ones for documentaries and revivals!!!

  5. The Cassavetes spread wa rubbish! The stylist should be gently but firmly shot at sunrise. Who are these twats who "style" these spreads? Not onyl can't you see the clothes, but the model always looks bad and the mood is crap. Other than that they're great.

  6. Well, he certainly looked like a man who'd be more interested in Sebastian than Julia in most of the pics...And these two were ok, but yes, in general, you couldn't see Matthew's face, let alone the duds in the rest.