An Itty, Bitty Preview of the September VF Cover

Imagine the hysteria if French (ok, Italian) women started wearing British clothing? Well, let the games begin. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy looking very un-horsey in equestrian garb on the September cover of Vanity Fair. (Editorial Note: I'm not exactly in favor of all the purple the designers (Galliano) have been throwing at the gal lately. She looks damned good in tan (or in jeans...or potato sacks)).


  1. Anonymous says:

    "Nay" on the purple.
    Very prole color in my humble opinion.

    She needs to get her own look going, not a stylist telling her to go "O" - no one touches that and succeeds.
    Draw inspiration from it, but get her own i.d. and tap her own signature.
    Nuances, but not blatant.......

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  3. Totally agree. She looks like she's wearing costumes. Personally, I think the Michelle and Cindy are doing a wonderful job showing off their personal styles -- and keeping it professional. Helps that they both have killer bodies, too. Hils must've been hurt by her own lack of sportiness. We never really leave high school and the jocks always rule. Even the pure brainiacs jog for the cameras.