Family Photos: Hoveys at the Beach

An extremely tan and thin grandma Armene with dad and his grandparents, early '50s (probably California).

There's grandpa Hov in Honolulu in '36 with some excellent belted speedos.

A less brawny gramps five years prior...again in Hawaii.

More of the speedos - 1936.

The whole clan on the boat over to Hawaii on the '36 trip.

An even earlier trip across the Pacific in the late '20s.

A gal named Mol, '36.

Hov and Dotty at Viareggio, Italy, 1937

Hov, Dotty and Ed, Viareggio, '37


  1. Dianne says:

    Love looking at old photos!

  2. kee says:

    your pics - & your family - are all gorgeous!

  3. kristine says:

    i have never wanted to be a member of someone elses family- until yours came to my attention ! i was in viareggio last summer & it looks the same- though measureably better with your clan visiting !

  4. Haha! Thanks so much. The current generation of us isn't nearly so fancy!

  5. those belted speedos are pretty cute -i'd wear those! What great photos, you must get them framed or collaged somehow!

  6. Jasper says:

    Aw man, Hollister. Those are so great. My old family photos have pictures that look more like this:

  7. Malia T. says:

    The "gal named Mol" is my grandmother, Molly Reppun (maiden name Grounds). I never thought I'd see my Tutu on the internet... what a nice suprise!