Ebay Shopping: 1920s Pendelton Blankets

We spent every 4th of July at our grandpa's in Lincoln, Nebraska. On the drive north from KC, we'd always make a grand and very important pit stop in Nebraska ("Neb") City (home to Arbor Lodge and John Brown's Cave) for our annual romp through the Pendelton outlet. I can still smell the place. They've gussied it up in recent years, destroying the allure of the dark cement dungeon-like aesthetic of the original and the blankets seem more synthetic than they should. But back in the '20s, those blankets were grand. These two come from that more authentic era. Bids for the one above sit at $12.50, while the one below is going for $51 with about a day to go.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very Ralph Lauren - actually, he just did a collection for F/W 08 with prints akin to these! They bring memories of RRL.