Destinations: Babington House

If ever seeking shelter in Somerset (some day when things aren't so £-heavy), they may let you hang your hat at this humble abode. It's a part of SoHo House, but they will open the door for the occasional plebe.  

The House Bar (pictured) for one kind of relaxation...or at the Cowsend spa for another.

Or have fun playin' in The Playroom...

...with the claw foot tub AND fireplace!


  1. William says:

    Hello, Ms. Hovey-

    The house bar photo won't enlarge when I click it as a link. Not in Safari or Firefox. I want to see those hanging lamps better!


    Can you help us?

  2. You and me, alike! Because of the flash situation on the SoHo House site, I just did timed screen captures and then cropped. I think they call that stealing! Oops!