A Bronx Tale: The Hoveys Head North

Some may choose to forge out into nature on a glorious day. I only seem to get the urge in the midst of a downpour. So, for the second weekend in a row, I was jonesin' to travel north, for a touch of Paris in the Bronx. This time, we actually made it. It's saying nothing new to point out but: What a treasure. The Botanical Gardens are like the Tuilleries a subway ride away. We also got a taste of the Champs Elysees with our trek down the Grand Concourse, which we hope can one day be as grand as it was 80 years ago.


  1. I love your posts and fantastic finds! My husband got lost in your posts just as I did. Are those green Hunter Wellies?

  2. They are! Those boots saved her during her college winters upstate. And thank you so, so much!!!