Best Blogs: Morbid Anatomy

I love a macabre gal who isn't afraid of a carcass or two. Brooklynite photographer/graphic designer Joanna Ebenstein has pulled together an incredible visual collection of Morbid Anatomy on her wonderful blog. The Museum of Natural History tapped her to scan and retouch their archival images of their toiling taxidermists and visitors for the incredible online exhibition, "Picturing the Museum: Education and Exhibition at The American Museum of Natural History" (these are three of the shots). Check out the exhibit, her posts and her blog roll. Treasures all around.


  1. Of course the elephant is my favorite. I'm just dying here!!! Just amazing photos . . . such an amzing blog!

  2. "Here's a taxidermist's," Bill said. "Want to buy anything? Nice stuffed dog?"

    "Come on," I said. "You're pie-eyed."

    "Pretty nice stuffed dogs," Bill said. "Certainly brighten up your flat."

    "Come on."

    "Just one stuffed dog. I can take 'em or leave 'em alone. But listen, Jake. Just one stuffed dog."

    "Come on."

    "Mean everything in the world to you after you bought it. Simple exchange of values. You give them money. They give you a stuffed dog."

    "We'll get one on the way back."

    "All right. Have it your way. Road to hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs. Not my fault."

    We went on.

    "How'd you feel that way about dogs so sudden?"

    "Always felt that way about dogs. Always been a great lover of stuffed animals.

    We stopped and had a drink.

    -- a favourite scene from "The Sun Also Rises."

  3. I found your blog via Porter Hovey who found my blog! Good taste runs in the family I see! Love your blog!

    Lady Lavona

  4. As long as taxidermy is the topic, you must get the new issue of Vanity Fair (the First Lady of France is on the cover). It has a large and fascinating article about the fire that destroyed Deyrolle in Paris and how its owners are slowly restoring the premises and its stock of historic stuffed animals.

  5. in another life i was a taxidermist...i just know it...

    amazing blog!

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