Back-to-School Basics: J.Crew

Oh, how I loved back-to-school shopping. Back-to-work shopping would be just as nice if one was to have taken advantage of that very important something to come back from. However, even if one doesn't get such a break, nothing is holding us back from the shopping bits (or stocking up on new pencils). A few picks from the Crew. (The boys' stuff was fairly status quo).

I appreciate these little arm extensions. Most jackets make us Hovey gals look like we have Herman Munster arms with those wimpy sleeve lengths.


  1. 'Us Hovey gals'--love it. What is the average height, for the uninitiated?
    Also: Selima makes glasses for Jack Spade--is this a sign of the influence of Andy Spade advising JCrew?

  2. Porter has a quarter inch on me (which she will never let me forget), so we average in around 71.875". you're right re Jack! Also - poor forum for open questions like this, but are the items hanging at the Gap now the Patrick Robinson ones? If yes, I'm horribly grossed out. It's been impossible to tell if they're actually decent. I fear that a decent stylist worked some magic on attractive skeletons. The pieces could go either way.

  3. trip says:

    The boys' stuff at J. Crew has been status quo for about two years.

    Re: the Gap, I am under the impression that the new Patrick Robinson stuff won't actually be in until this fall, which I assume doesn't actually hit stores until Aug. 1st.

  4. Brittney says:

    Wow..! What a fabulous back to school supplies…! I like that jacket and sunglasses most.

  5. Awww . . . the smell of freshly sharpen pencils is almost in the air. Just love the shoes. Simply adorable!

  6. Hollister - received my new catalogue today - dog earred already. Envious of the long limbed - I have a little height, but stubby extremities.