Acquisitions: New, Quite Large Tortoise Specs

I could've chosen to get all gussied up to show you all my newest pair of specs, but that would've been wildly vain. Instead, you get me unwashed, with head scarf, sans makeup on the G train coming back from Coney Island (where my eyes accidentally - and unfortunately - landed on an elderly, deeply tanned man in a very small thong performing leg lifts from the on-hands-and-knees position...if only I hadn't been wearing my glasses!). The frames were $10 on Ebay...the lenses, once they talked me into all those coatings, rang in around $300, causing quite a shock to the ole system. But I do love them.


  1. Anonymous says:

    looking good

  2. Anonymous says:

    ahh great pair, makes me want to start a bigger collection.