Acquisitions: Arrow, Spigot Thing, Silver Pot, Elephant Cufflinks

The arrow comes from the great new store of old things, Kill Devil Hill* (170 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn). The beehive drink dispenser was a great find in Red Hook. The silver plate and straw jug came via the mail (ebay) and those tiny white smears...those are 1920s faux ivory celluloid elephant cufflinks from the incredible Erie Basin.

* The name Kill Devil Hills can be dated back to the colonial era when locals in a small North Carolina town would scavenge ship wrecks for the wildly strong bottles of rum. They'd bury that rum in the sand dunes where, years later, a boy named Orville first took flight. That rum was so strong, those locals thought it strong enough to "kill the devil."


  1. jon says:

    Cufflinks = perfection