A Wonderful Old Perfumer with a Great Name: Hové

To save the family after her husband's investment business went south in The Crash, Mrs. Alvin Hovey-King (an additional coincidence since my family is divided into two batches of cousins – Hoveys and Kings) opened this little perfumery in the French Quarter in '31 to make good on the craft her Creole mom had taught her. It's moved around the Quarter a few times since, but still is as old fashioned as ever – just like stepping into an old apothecary.

824 Royal Street
(French Quarter)
New Orleans


  1. That store is a block from my apt. I go there for vetiver sachets (great moth repellent) for my suit bags. Probably the best-smelling spot in the Quarter (except maybe for that wonderful garlic-smelling 1/2 block outside Irene's!).