What a Raquet!

A friend returned from a camping trip in New Hampshire yesterday happy to report that she came out of the experience with ONLY five mosquito bites (inluding one that made her entire left hand swell). Five!? Happy? I suppose I'm one of those lucky types who either lacks or has whatever it takes to keep bugs from biting. In all my 29 years, I've been dinner for approximately two mosquitos (and the spiders, bees and wasps have stayed away, full stop). That's not to say that I'm friendly with these pests. So, when I saw this cute, macabre fly swatter yesterday at Restoration Hardware, I had to get it. Throw in batteries and send all bugs to the electric chair. Of course, I haven't put the batteries in to test this out and managed to drop it and dislodge about half the wires in the course of taking the photo above, so god knows if it actually works. I do like the idea, though. Just handle it gingerly and don't go all McEnroe on that fly. RH doesn't have them on its website, but they're
all over the internet for about $10-$20.


  1. That's funny, I recently broke out an old Bancroft wooden squash racquet to use to swat errant bees and wasps (of the insect variety) while grilling at my country house on weekends. Had been pestered repeatedly by carpenter bees (not honey bees) buzzing me and must report that swatting them in particular with the racquet is most satisfying.