Those Poor, Poor Male Models

It may be a small miracle that this post sees the light of cyberspace. See, just three minutes ago, I gauged my eyes out over the men's spring 2009 collections. It's very tough to post and type in such a state! Prada gave the guys jazzercise tops and forgot to put pants on a few of those poor male models...Bottega Veneta kept it up with the baggies...Christopher Bailey took the hipster v-neck undershirt trend to the navel and paired it with bootlegs for another season at Burberry Prorsum...and Gucci, well, Gucci was inexplicable. Thank god for their bags. Let's just hope men enjoy a nice purse (ok - these aren't that femmie, but I'd certainly take one of these). But overall, lord, deliver us from the '80s. I'm so looking forward to the Americans. Fingers crossed for Lauren and Ford.


  1. Oh dear, I thought the same thing. While I was looking at those very pages at work, my expression made several people ask if I had recieved some sort of bad (or disgusting) news via email.

    Then again, it's not like these trends will really effect me: I generally stick to Ralph and other Anglo/Trad standards anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so true. i was beyond bored with the european showings. i too will be looking forward to what the yanks have in store.