Skin(ny) Dipping: MaTouche Croco Porcelain Tile

When it comes to bathrooms, I'm not much for modern innovation. Give me subway tiles for the walls and chicken wire white with black grout on the floor (or similar squares with a celadon border, a look much loved by French cafe designers). The same flooring philosophy holds true for mud rooms and such. But that was all before I saw this: porcelain tile made to look like any number of exotic skins. If you can swing for heated floors (a friend of mine's parents have them -- what a delicious touch), this would work in any number of rooms with the greatest effect. While the manufacturer likes to pair it with the most modern of bathroom amenities, I'd go for a classic clawfoot and miles and miles of chrome. Croco, Ostrich, Elephant and Reptile versions available at Hastings Tile + Bath Co.