A Sad Day

What a terribly sad day. Tim Russert was one of the true greats. A pillar of journalism and a legitimately warm man who loved his job. Hearts are heavy across the land, but reading the hundreds of comments New York Times readers have written about him can restore your faith that people in this world of tabloids and reality TV still appreciate old fashioned work ethic, kindness, passion and intellect. While absolutely the most frivolous thing to bring up at this time, I must say, he looked just great in a green tie. So great, in fact, that I always picture him in one. Much to my surprise, there's nary a photo online to support me on this. C'est la vie. It's how he's carved into my memory: Tim, the kind voice and the tie that matches his eyes. When all the pundits, politicos and talking heads out there donned their red or blue, Tim was there, impartial, wearing the jade, standing out even in the eyes of the most politically jaded.