Naturalist Chic: Flower Power at Boudicca

Five minutes before stepping onto the train for a shamefully late virgin visit to the New York Botanical Garden, the skies opened...again (so I dashed to 10ft. Single and picked up a wool 1940s motorcycle jacket instead). If other New Yorkers are having trouble finding the proper 20 minute window to dedicate to the leafy bits, a few clicks through the Boudicca spring collection may sate the nature need. As press photos go, these are pretty freakin' great.


  1. I'm in love with these photos!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah Pattie...I just went to our Lilac Festival in Lombard, IL a few weeks ago; held at Lilacia Park..filled with different kinds of lilac trees & bushes.. They were my mom's favorite too..and one of mine now too. I took pics and they look at lot like these Laptop batteries.

  3. magi says:

    What a lucky girl she is. I love the picture the best, although it looks like it might be pretty grown up.

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