Hogspear: The Greatest Ebay Store Ever

Competition is quite nice for economics and sport, but decidedly un-nice when it comes to auctions. But here I am opening up a can of worms that will potentially lead us all into a competitive frenzy. Brother against brother (ok, sister against metaphorical brother). Colonial-militaria-and-British-school-aesthetic obsessive against colonial-militaria-and-British-school-aesthetic obsessive. Call me the Black Hand, but it must be done. Here is Hogspear, the greatest Ebay store ever. (Above, 1920s Cambridge University Boat Club caps, bits sit at £30.77)

Polo hat and knee pads, bids sit at £22.


  1. Anonymous says:

    It's me again... back with another photographic recommendation.

    Have you seen Derry Moore's photos of India... published in his book "Evening Ragas"?
    Or his book of interiors (namesake of my site)?

    Raj on the roof looked like a good time.
    Take care,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely brilliant picks Ms. Hovey! You've got quite an eye for intellectual, exotic beauty. Keep us updated with such finds as these.

    P.S. I have watched the trailer for Brideshead Revisited well over ten times, a humiliating admission which I have not had the occasion of making since awaiting Marie Antoinette. I will most definitely be there on opening night.

  3. trip says:

    After watching Lawrence of Arabia last night, that probably wasn't the best Ebay store to find...