Gatsby Chic: Joseph O'Neill's "Netherland"

I love books, but couldn't be a more pathetic reader. I really do well with the first 75-100 pages, but then my mind runs amok, inspired with new projects and ideas. The book falls by the wayside, joining the ranks of the hundreds of other partially read new American classics lining my completely full wall-sized book case. See, I have no problem buying books, and I'll certainly be buying this one: a Gastby-esque vision of New York and the American dream...the Chelsea Hotel...and a whole lot of cricket. It turns out that there's actually a huge cricket contingent in -- Statan Island. Mr. O'Neill sets up his wicket there and has woven these sporting tales into this new endeavor, of which The Times gives a smashing review. Sounds so good, in fact, that I may even make it through to the middle.

O'Neill reads tonight at 192 Books in Chelsea (10th Ave. at 21st Street).