Father's Day Schedule

Growing up, we never paid any heed to Mother's or Father's Day. Our mom did PR for Hallmark and, to her, both meant nothing more than pumping out more press release copy. But for the millions who will pay homage to dad tomorrow, this might make a nice day of things. Start with breakfast at the Wolseley. If you're not in London and lucky enough to have scored a spot there for tea, wake dad up with one of the recipes from this breakfast institution situated in the 1920s-built Wolseley Auto showroom on Picadilly. After he's slept off his eggs benedict, present him with his new British racing green Minden Master gas grill and a pile of red meat. Let him play with his new toy and make the bulk of dinner while you slice up pears and soak them in honey lemon water. After the downing the meaty bits, sneak over to the grill and throw those pears right on. Serve under a dollop of crème fraîche and sprinkle with fresh blueberries. It'll taste perfect with a side of Hudson Manhattan Rye on the rocks.