Ebay Shopping: 1930s-'40s Abercrombie + Fitch Boots

Oh, the good ole days (I'm never allowed to use that phrase again, btw) before the buyouts and Bruce Webber soft core catalogs (and a well-named subsidiary). These circa 1930s-40s beauties are from the original Abercrombie & Fitch, a company much more concerned with well shaped and tanned men's boots than well-shaped and tanned men's bottoms. The reserve hasn't been met yet, so there's no telling how wide you'll have to open the purse strings. But I'd go for quite a pull. Auction ends in six days. (Oh, and you can pick up that great rug for $425).


  1. tintin says:

    Those boots are to die for but that rug is in rough shape. I like my rugs well used and thread bare...that's why I get 'em for spit at Freeman's Auctions in Phila.