The Black List: Rudest Cute Stores In Brooklyn

In light of the recent victory against grunting at the gym, I'm finally going to publicly air my fury at inappropriate rudeness that has wolloped me of late. What's most infuriating is that these events have occured at places I've held up as centers of warmth and good feeling. I don't care if I love the aesthetics, I'm putting them on my blacklist until further notice. This may seem cruel, but these are long standing frustrations with very un-Emily Post (pictured above)-like behavior that recently came to a head.

1. Moon River Chattle: Porter and I used to visit the store every weekend. However, all the weekends of late have been ruined by the dark cloud who haunts the cashier's desk. She knows nothing about the merchandise and acts completely exasperated at any question (relating to small tchotchkes, books or multi-thousand dollar flooring projects) that comes her way. For a sweet-looking faux mercantile store with wildly marked up prices, that ain't the 'tude that's gonna sell. But I'd had my eye on a wonderful, yet overpriced glass jug with a spiget for some time. Oh, it would make an excellent drink dispenser for the Raj on the Roof, I thought. So, I popped in a couple weeks ago to pick one up. $160 was a lot, but god, it was perfect for the party. She rings it up. $208. What?!!?!? "We just got these. They're $208 now." "But the price tag said $160! And you've had them for months." (I looked down and she had the $160 price tag in her hand). "It's $208. The price just changed." "Fine, then I'm going to have to pass." "FINE, ptawh!!!!!" I will never go back.

2. Sweet William: Porter and I dream of opening a real store. A store where we'd be there every day, speaking with our customers about our carefully curated merchandise with passion and excitement. When in Dumbo a few weeks ago, the guy at the Tivoli Home was so excited about his Scandinavian wares that he opened up an Ole Jensen familia tea pot and said, "It's really expensive, but you just have to see it. It's so beautiful." What a delight to see someone care. The woman who owns Sweet William in Williamsburg must care a lot about her store, too. She was an editor at Cookie and has fabulous taste. But you'd never know she had a vested interest in getting all those $80 organic baby t-shirts out the door. She's been cold every time we've popped in and actually kicked us out for walking in about 10 minutes before she officially opened (she hadn't bothered to lock her door and was just standing around). I understand why the Gap or WalMart won't open their doors early, but when you're a one woman show trying to keep a pricey boutique afloat in a sinking economy, let the customers shop.

(This series will continue as people who own or work for homey stores act like they were raised in barns).


  1. Good for you! I debated posted about the abominable service and crappy repair job of my favorite Christian Louboutin shoes by Shoe Service Plus. They take no pride in their work, nor do they care they they looked stupid when they tried to give them back to me. I made them fix them again and they better look perfect this time or I'm crackin' skulls!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, indeed...the broad at Moon River is a reall See You Next Tuesday. And why don't they open the back garden instead of teasing the clientele with the most perfect water feature in Brooklyn?

  3. Please keep doing this; it is a public service. And a much-needed corrective to all the FAB-ulous stores with attitude out there.

  4. I shall! This is the kind of stuff you expect on Madison Ave., but the thing is...many of those stores (the good ones) have incredible customer service, namely YSL and Prada.

  5. Anonymous says:

    obviously you're so attention starved that you can't stand the fact that shop owners/employees ignore you when you walk into their stores. perhaps the problem, my dear, isn't them, it's you and the stank ass attitude you bring to their establishments. i happen to love both stores you mention in your unintelligent blog and i've had nothing but pleasant experiences. get a life.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous above is probably the See You Next Tuesday from Moon River. Keep doin your thang girl. Btw, you blog is awesome!

  7. Anonymous says:

    BRAVA! Remain vigilant. As the economy gets even worse, buyer$ will go where they feel welcome. These shops won't be open for long. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  8. ami says:

    I am SO pleased to hear your Blacklisting.

    My husband thinks I am the only one who will do this, but I just don't know any other way to make a point.

    We all know that the only vote that really counts these days is where you spend your money.