Racing Stripes: Seersucker and the Derby

A good portion of the nation - in and out of Kentucky - will be drowing themselves in simple syrup, mint and bourbon tomorrow. Many of these folks will be performing this drowning ritual wearing a seersucker suit (if they have any sense about them). I always find it funny how the TV cameras do their best to stay clear of the Churchill Downs infield. To the outsider, the Derby looks like a lot of pomp about groomed bushes, nice hats and silver cups (well, horses and really little men, too). But when you really get down to it -- to its core, its center(field) -- it's a dirty filthy, wild romp that rivals the spring breaks parents most fear - but with gambling added. In fact, it's a lot like a few of the seersucker wearers I know. They all like to start out all neat and tidy, but deep down, they're all just a one man infield. It's three days, 4,565 units of bourbon, two women later that this kind of man and his suit really hit their stride. Bowtie lost, no hint of starch, hair that looks like it's been combed with a pork chop...yes...this is when seersucker looks it's best. If you'd like to try out the lifestyle (please, if you're married with kids, do not), Ralph Lauren has this tailored sport coat version for $995.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Am literally HOLDING my breath until we get to see pictures of your zebra skin rug in your place! I am so excited - and a little bit envious of your treasure.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Have loved reading your blog.

    "One man infield" is the funniest line I have read in a long time. And so true.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Haha. Thanks, so much Ryder...and what a great name that is. Porter went to her very un-seersuckery college with a NOLA boy named Rightor. Both absolutely excellent.