The Posh Pashley Phantom

We grow up loving our bikes, but there are those dubious teenage years where we cast our two wheeled transport aside for their more powerful, self propelling, four wheeled brethren. Hey, it's hard to pedal your way to prom. It's even harder to pedal your date to prom. But once you leave the hellish halls of high school, it’s ok to re-embrace your forsaken childhood traveling companion. They’re easier to park than a Smart Car, friendlier to Ma Earth than a hybrid – and given generic car design these days, a lot more stylish. If you plan to go back to bikes, you may as well do it with maturity. Pashley, the wonderful British bicycle maker founded in 1926, has launched a limited edition of 80 Classic Phantom Roadsters. At £995.00 they don’t come cheap, but it’s a debt you should pay for all those years of biking neglect (and it comes with that amazing headlight).


  1. Anonymous says:

    hi, please buy me this. thank ye!

  2. rebecca says:

    Hi! Just found your cool blog...

    I love that bike, too! :)

  3. Oh my! That is one lovely bike. I was just searching for the perfect cruising bike this weekend and this is it! Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of money to spend. Sigh.

  4. That is arguably the most beautiful bike in the world.