The Not-So-Mysterious Event Unveiled: Raj on the Roof!

There was a purpose for all these recent "Gussying up the Guests" posts. A grand purpose. The First Annual Hovey Raj on the Roof. Next weekend (post Memorial Day), Porter and I are throwing a celebratory homage to the greatest aesthetic era on the books: The British Raj of India. We've been accumulating props for months: hoards of pith helmets, early 20th c. military cots, potted palms, umbrellas, 1920s badminton sets and gallons upon gallons of gin. We're hoping that the guests rise to the challenge and come bedecked in their best linens and campaign wear. Perhaps some will choose to go a bit more modern and will choose PJs, head bandages and limited edition monogrammed Vuittons. If you'd like to join in on the absurdity, drop me a line at and I'll shoot you a proper invite post haste!


  1. that photo your sister took is incredible, risque photos are always the best.

    your raj on the roof sounds incredible, and if I somehow make my way up that way I will definitely shoot you a message! I'm looking forward to the pictures of it as well, should be some fine items to gawk at.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We will definitely want pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Are gorillas allowed to attend?

  4. Caitlin says:

    the things here are amazing and not of this time. My dad found a bag on sale!

  5. How amazing Melville and Moon is! I've been obsessed with those roorkhee chairs for ages. I'm so excited that you got the flapper dress, C!