Nordic Preppy (Sort of): Our Legacy

A jaunt through Sweden is particularly dangerous on the virtues front. No matter how hard one tries, you can't help but commit two deadly sins simultaneously: envy and lust (depending on your love of sea food and reindeer, gluttony may also be a problem). Beyond the super human beauty, these Swedes also know how to dress - very well. Cristopher Pierro Nying and Bror Jockum Hallum are no exception. Their Our Legacy line simplifies the classics. They love a cuffed pant with white keds or sockless tie ups. It's a bit like A.P.C. for the Nordic Set. These images come from thier limited edition t-shirt line, "Les Gentilhommes: An Illustrated Journal," at Nordiska Kompaniet. And just like the Swedes themselves, it's not enough to just be beautiful, they excel at the packaging as well. These come in a tailormade suit bag with a numbered certificate.