Latest Obsession: Deutsche Optik

Thanks to reader Ryder Hawthorne, I've unearthed a new vintage military shopping obsession: Deutsche Optik. Run out of Nevada by an army surplus obsessed German, Justus Bauschinger, this site and catalog help you spy, fight and stay warm in the night. (Above, the Delux Leather Carry Case, $399). Also check out the great Snoopy Goggles (the photo was too small and destroyed all asethetics of this post, so I had to leave them off).

Left, Swiss Army Bast-Korb (wicker and rocket tubes!), $74. Right, French Navy Sea Bag, $32.


  1. Anonymous says:

    soo cool; love this stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have bought from D.O. before- you will never find a more shopper friendly experience. Just don't expect modern computer tracking of orders, shipping etc. This is a old-school one-on-one "let me go check in the back" kinda thing.
    You will learn to hate Justis for having all this cool stuff and hate yourself for not having enough disposible income or space for it all......