Indy Car!

I love nothing more than a good preview and Porter and I were treated to a whole summer's worth last night before Iron Man. Blindness looks incredible, like the book come to life; Maggie Gyllenhaal has fabulously replaced Katie Holmes in Christian Bale's second go at Batman; The Incredible Hulk lumbers like a bad, un-credible, fleshy cartoon (I do understand that it's based on, well, a cartoon, but I expect more from digital animators these days)...and then there was Indy...or should I say, Cate Blanchett's amazing haircut and even more incredible tank car (on the right). It's a tragedy that automakers don't invest more in matte celadon-ish paint. I've always dreamed of driving around in a non-shiny seafoam green safari-style Land Rover or Land Cruiser. Now I dream of driving around in one of these. It's like Gatsby gone Jeep.


  1. I love Indy and I love my Jeep. I hope I can hold on to it long enough for it to look cool and vintage-y.