The Ideal Raj on the Roof Accessory: The Roorkhee Chair

Legendary army officer/tiger hunter/conservationist/author, Lieutenant-Colonel Jim Corbett, sitting in a Roorkhee chair in Dhikala, at the foothills of the Himalayas, approximately 300 kilometers from New Delhi, in Corbett National Park, which was designated India's first national park in 1936. (Photo source: Elegance Under Canvas by Nicholas A. Brawer via

Named in honor of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers stationed at Roorkhee, India, this legendary campaign chair would come in mighty handy on Saturday. It's made to support anyone who needs supporting on wildly bumpy terrain (industrial-style tar roof) and is highly transportable (if god turns wrathful and lets it rain, we may need to dart inside at a moment's notice). Lewis Drake + Associates offers this beautiful leather version (below) for $790 (canvas costs $680). The whole site is a treasure trove of colonial gems.


  1. Thank you so much for the link! I searched and searched on ebay for these items, and couldn't find anything I liked. The Safari Bar is fantastic, as are the chairs and folding tables. Camping anyone?
    Thanks once again, Ms Hovey!