WASP Jock Chic: Early 20th C. Athletic Photos

I recently found a blog soulmate.  The real deal.  Now I'm stealing from him.  Drinkin' and Dronin' found these incredible old sport pics on Shorpy, which, by the way, is the best damned collection of old photos you'll ever lay your eyes on (much like that gent third from the right may be the most studly thing I've ever laid my eyes on).


  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the date on MR. Stud's photo 1911??????? They don't make 'em like they used to. LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    Third from the right is nice, extremely nice; but second from the left has amazing legs. And check out McVickar in the shirtless Harvard varsity shot. And the dark-haired guy on the opposite side of the table in the Poughkeepsie shot. Excuse me while I swoon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe this photo is on your blog!
    My great grandfather is in the photo on top and we have the same photo in our living room! I also think my mom has one of the 1919 sweaters the coxswain is wearing...
    that just made my day

  4. Anonymous says:

    correction: great-great grandfather, I was just informed by my mom.
    and she has the sweater but says it smells too old to be worn

  5. No way! That's just incredible. No matter which one he is, you had a mighty handsome, tall (and undoubltedly smart) great grandpa! Amazing.

  6. Oh...that's sad about the sweater, but still, what a treasure.