Hating on La Jolla, Loving on Affordable Polo Equipment

When out in San Diego a couple weeks ago, I popped over to La Jolla to revisit the town where my grandpa spent many of his summers. What was once grand, has become a nouveau riche ghetto of ersatz Lily Pulitzerites. Ok, there were some nice touches like the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library and the gift shop at MCASD but even the La Martina store disappointed for the same plasticy reasons. Just for helmet obsession sakes, I almost did talk myself into buying a polo helmet there, but it cost upwards of $300. So, if you're jonesin' for polo equipment and don't want to scar your eyes with nine-colored easy breather shirts, click into Argentina Polo and go nuts. The green and white helmet only costs $45, while the mallets and the British Indian riding breeches can be yours for around a hundred bucks.


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