Ebay Shopping: 1941 Football Sweater

Back in my sportier days, I always held complete contempt for those who lacked all athletic ability, but still went through the motions of working out. While a bit irrational, it fell into the same sort of Darwinian category as my hypothetical fear of falling in love with a previously hideous individual who'd secretly undergone grave plastic surgery, only to be discovered when looking into faces of my children. Muscles, in my mind, were meant for jocks. Letterman's sweaters, however, when old enough, are classic fun, even if you can't throw a ball or a punch. Bids for this one hover at $36.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Incredible sweater! I still have yet to nab one off ebay. Maybe we will have to outbid one another, haha.

  2. now let's try to find one for a beebel!!

  3. Janet says:

    Awesome sweater! I would love to buy on of this.